Well we are probably putting the campaign up for awhile. We just got the new D&D system, and we will probably be starting a new game soon. I suspect we will be back here eventually though.

I will update the new website for the new D&D campaign, I will link it here as well.


Change of Gaming Systems

This is just a quick update to let everyone know we are changing the Shadowrun campaign “Tales of a Gun”. It is the same players, same storylines, etc. However, we are moving to the GURPS gaming system.

I have found in the past that my games tend to diverge from the cookie cutter setup of normal Shadowrun games. Player characters gain strange powers, they fight strange things and overall we find that the actual Shadowrun tabletop system is a bit limiting.

Please don’t get me wrong, Shadowrun by Catalyst Games is really fun. 5th edition is smooth and works well as a basic Shadowrun game. Part of the problem is that as a new system they don’t have enough supplements (primarily talking magic and vehicles). This makes the game fairly limiting to my group.

So we have decided to switch over to GURPS. It takes a bit more work on my part, but allows fine tuning of characters, weapons, etc.

Also just wanted to reassure that we will still use this blog for the campaign. I am going to have to update some things. Run logs will in the future be dealing in character point awards as opposed to karma. I will be adding a whole section for conversion and house rules as well.

The campaign will be back in force in mid to late August 2014 (also had to take a break due to new possible work and living situation). Between now and then I am going to update the site for the new system. Also, this will be the primary blog for this campaign. I don’t think I am going to continue strangewhispers.com at this time. I will try and maintain it for as long as I have it, but if you want to track the campaign, do it here.

Little Queen

Operation Name: “Little Queen”

Real Date: March 28th, 2014
Game Date: July 22, 2077
Team Name: The Ghost Daggers
Individual Reports: None
Completion: 100%

Employer Name: Seraph
Runners Involved: SpeedBadgerPhelanArtieThe KidPhoenix
Karma Earned:    8 Karma
Nuyen Earned  ¥80,000

Target:  the little queen (Elizabeth, Grandaughter of the Diner owner in South Prairie).
Location: Outside Portland, Tir Tairngire
Major Players:

Objective: Find and secure the little queen

Criminal Acts Committed :

  • None

Unusual follow up notes: The group agreed to hunt two ant-queens.

Review/Recommendation (Seraph): None.


(Important out of game note, the synopsis is only what Seraph is knowledgeable about, there are usually missing details in each run unless the members tell him specifically. Those details may be covered in individual reports).

The group had about a month downtime since South Prairie. During that time they mostly lived out of Wyvern Home while Artie cocooned as a wyvern. During that time there were some magical feedback from the pool, the end result of which is still unknown. What is known is that several cybersystems seem to have been lost, but not their abilities, and now Phoenix appears to be a wyvern. Once the month was over the group returned to Seattle and were ready to go after both queens.

They recieved the proper paperwork to cross the border and search out the smaller queen. At this time it was unknown where the larger queen was. The group crossed the border with only slight hassle and headed into the wildlands of the Tir. After several hours of travelling abandoned roads they came across a remote motel that was populated by some type of ex-military. The members of this group seemed to have a spider bound up as a tattoo on their left inner wrist. It was at this time it was recalled by some of the runners that they heard of some sort of terrorist/cult in the area.

Phelan, Speed and Badger checked out the motel, but found nothing else unusual until a military vehicle pulled up. Crew inside the vehicle swapped with some of those military types in the motel and left. The group also determined at this time that the “little queen” was nearby. The group followed the military vehicle to an abandoned building in the woods. There they found that the unit had tarped the building off.

The Kid broke into the unit’s files and found that the unit had captured the little queen and her hive. They were busy securing the insects when the group decided to have Kid change the military unit’s orders. The unit was ordered to hand the little queen to the group, and to execute all other insects with prejudiced. This went smoothly with the unit never once suspecting something was amiss.

On their return trip however, the group’s van was stopped by three women riding motorcyles. The women demanded the “little queen”, the group refused and combat ensued. The women turned out to be Mantid spirits and the group handily dispatched them with spirit rounds. Only minor damage to the van was done.

The group decided after this, it would be hard to transport the “little queen” and called Seraph for some support. He arranged a helicopter to transport the group to the Tacoma docks, where they released the queen to a waiting party. They then returned to The Gun and were paid. They will conduct repairs and upgrades and when they are ready they will pursue the full blown queen.

Aislin (Face)

Karma from Runs: 4
Karma from Submissions: 20
Total Karma Earned: 24
Total ¥ Earned:  0
Remaining  ¥ left:  
Street Cred (K/10): 2
Notoriety: 0
Public Awareness ((SC+N)/3): 0
  • Character History (2/28/2013)

Character Name: Maeve Callahan

Street Name: Aislin

Specialty: Face/thief/spy/scout

Race: Elf

Birthplace: Galway, Tir Na Nog

Occupation: Runner/Homemaker

Age: 23

Height: 5’ 2”

Weight: 110 pounds

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Blonde

Character Quote: “Try not to kill anyone until we’ve had a chance to talk to them.”

Do they have family? Yes – she’s married, no kids. Her entire family lives in Tir Na Nog and does quite well for themselves.

Does she possess magic/resonance? No.

Description: Maeve grew up in a respectable family in the Tir. Her mother and father both worked for Evo and she was raised in luxurious corporate housing and educated in their schools. She didn’t do well in her studies, however, with the exception of gymnastics and martial arts, which she used to relieve her frustration about being so . .bloody. . bored. She also excelled at talking other people into getting into trouble with her.

While in school she dated a woman named Elana, the toughest person in her school who cheerfully beat up anyone who bothered Maeve and was often a co-conspiritor in her hijinx. Elana, standing at just under two meters, looked very much the high elf to Maeve’s pixie, something their classmates joked about (but never in front of Elana).

Evo would have eventually thrown her out, but Elana (who was being groomed by Evo’s Spec. Ops. Division) asked her to marry her and Maeve accepted, thinking things would be different from school. It turns out things weren’t much different at all: corp entertainment, corp vacations, tidying up their corp apartment, gossipy corp wives. .after two years, Maeve thought she was losing her mind. Elana, now an Evo company woman and trouble shooter, saw that Maeve was unhappy and tried to keep her interested by taking her along on some of her safer assignments and teaching her a few rudiments of her trade. It helped at first, but then Maeve started seeing hints about just what an unsavory job her wife had began to despair over just how much working for Evo was changing Elana.

After a huge argument, Maeve said she needed some time alone. Elana relented, calling in some favors to get her wife a vacation in New York.

Maeve got off the plane in UCAS, left the airport and never looked back. She contacted a fixer in the Laesa (an elven organized crime organization) she had met on one of Elana’s assignments, remembering the man had been impressed with her ability to talk and persuade. He got her a ticket to Tir Taringire in exchange for her working for them as a negotiator and spy.

Evo blames Elana for Maeve’s disappearence, as do the families on both sides of the marriage- Elana herself is furious.

The new Tir didn’t seem that much different than the old one so Maeve talked her boss into a transfer to Seattle. He set her up as the Laesa liason with The Ancients chapter in Puyallup. She’s enjoying her life there and has already made a few friends, but she’s very much aware of Evo’s presence in Seattle and constantly goes about in her bulky, shapeless jumpsuit and respirator (which since this is Puyallup is probably a good idea anyway).

She doesn’t like the idea of killing but will do so in self-defence. She won’t be part of a run where innocent people wil come to harm – she would reluctantly take part in bringing down a bastard, however. Her taser is her favorite weapon, both for its legality (she very much fears being arrested due to her corporate citizenship) and for its non-lethal nature. She does have a few firearms (mostly gifts from friends concerned for her safety) that she’s used more than once against some of the dangerous critteres that inhabit the Puyallup Barrens.

Maeve is pansexual, but still considers herself married. She is very close friends with Ancients Lt. Stoll, but this a platonic friendship (so far).

Military Record: None

Criminal Record: Currently wanted by the Evo Corporation (but not very badly) and one very annoyed spouse.

Wyvern Home

Name: “Wyvern Home”

Location: Southwest Salish Shidhe (just south of Seattle)
Type: Commune/Armed Camp/Settlement

  • A group of wyvern elders
  • Members local Ancients gang
  • Various other metahumans

Wyvern Home is both a physical location and a political force. It is based around a Cairn from a prior age of magic that was also a source of a large mana well. The group that calls this place home is made up of a conglomeration of lesser dracoforms, elves, and others that inhabit its vicinity. Of magical significance is the mana well, and several mana lines that cross the area.

The largest number of dracoforms that inhabit Wyvern Home are known by scientists as Praestantia alatuserpens pil americanus, or Superior North American Wyverns. The remaining dracoforms seem to consist of drakes, “dragon dogs” (they seem to be large dog like dracoforms, but not much is known about them at this time), and other lesser types that seem to be more like variants of wyverns as opposed to actual different creatures. In addition there is a large group of metahumans that make their homes there.


Wyvern Home was formed in 2057 when the first three Superior Wyverns and a group of shadowrunners unearthed a prior magic age Cairn south of Seattle in Salish-Shidhe land. There they found a mana well that bubbled up into the local lake, attracting a large influx of local spirits that guard the area. Within months the group of runners and wyverns had secured enough financial resources to purchase the land from the local people.

Over the next twenty years, the group at Wyvern Home had secured the rescue of other dracoforms from corporations and dragons (who collected the dracoforms like prizes or pet trophies). Once additional wyverns joined Wyvern Home a population boom happened, and as the old adage says, “they bred like rabbits”.

During this time, Wyvern Home had contested the authority of several dragons. They uncovered evidence of an age when dragons ruled, and their subsequent downfall. Wyvern Home was, and continues to, struggle to convince the younger dragons and dracoforms to not follow the traditional rigid path of draconic culture and laws. This has earned them many dragon enemies, and a constant state of cold war with the vast majority of those dragons.

In addition, during this time, Wyvern Home had discovered the reason the Cairn was built. It was built on the mana well, as a power source, in an attempt to protect the people who lived there from the last Scourge. The Scourge was an influx of monster-like creatures that fed on the misery of their targets. Cairns were reported to have been scattered across the world as an attempt to survive this invasion from astral realms unknown.

The people of Wyvern Home have made an oath to protect against the next oncoming Scourge. There are claims that the Scourge will be starting soon. Some estimate its manifestation as soon as a few decades. In preparation for this Wyvern Home has formed some unique military assets.

Wyvern Home does maintain relations with several corporations and nations, as a minor power in it’s own right, but how close these corporations and/or nations are to Wyvern Home still remains to be seen. Also, Wyvern Home is rumored to be securing other locations scattered about the world, such as outside Atlanta CAS and in the Tir Na Nog. It is unknown what connections Wyvern Home may have in the Tir that allowed it to secure land. That information would be valuable to many.

Wyvern Home has worked closely with several local gangs and military groups past and present. A large contingent of the Elven go-ganger’s called Ancients, specifically, has become part of Wyvern Home. This has resulted in fighting between different Ancients’ chapters. As to what this means for them is unknown, because this friction has yet to be completely resolved. Wyvern Home has also recruited retired military soldiers, and it is believed this is to help defend Wyvern Home itself.


The pool is a mana well (one of several across the world) that leaks actual physical magic into the world.  It lies on two minor Ley lines that cross the area. This magic seems to have a destabilizing effect on the reality around it. It morphs living creatures, and aids in the use of magic for castors of sympathetic types. The pool itself has only recently been studied by academics. Wyvern Home had not allowed scientists or researchers access until very recently. The initial findings may change some of the basic theories of magic.

One rumor is that mana wells spring from powerful entities at their base. In this case there is a rumor of an ancient dragon that sleeps below the pool. No proof has ever been revealed as such, at this time.

It is not known why there are mana pools, spread throughout the world. Their sources are often steeped in mystery, as those that hold them rarely allow access to scientists. There are rumors of additional pools, but no solid proof.


Life at Wyvern Home is a combination of a 20th century commune, socialist utopia, and an armed military camp. They are very adept at showing the public almost precisely the right footage. There are unlimited public images of cute baby dragons, and their elven helpers, but almost none of the sheer volume of training these young dracoforms and their allies undergo.

There is a council of elders that resolves any day-to-day issues. Large meetings that involve all members are called for any abnormal situations. There are key military leaders that make snap decisions for more dangerous matters. It is unknown how these shifts in leadership take place.

Day to day life, however, is almost idyllic. There seems to be no sense of personal ownership or political ranking among most of the inhabitants. Physical intimacy is extremely common at Wyvern Home, and often the source of colorful commentary amongst metahuman tabloids, and draconic circles alike. There seems to be no need for money individually because Wyvern Home does have deep pockets due to being highly active in the shadows, and smart investing. Members of Wyvern Home have any food, drink or material goods they might want.

With the description above, many have thought it would be an easy place to secure for their own use. However, Wyvern Home has been attacked several times by Aztechnology, certain dragons, and other unnamed outside sources (some claim the precursors of the incoming Scourge). This has resulted in Wyvern Home training its people with military grade equipment on a regular basis. While they do have a peaceful outlook, the inhabitants are very well trained are still dracoforms, and apex predators.

In addition, the Wyverns and Metahumans have started a new draconic tradition. Wyverns have been spotted flying with riders on their backs. In some cases the larger wyverns seem to have heavy weapons mounted directly into their scales, for the use of these riders. This has resulted in an unusual airborne contingent during a fight.

There does seem to be different groups of wyverns and metahumans on the site. The wyverns seem broken up by their coloring, although nobody is sure if this is cosmetic or a deeper caste system. Some specialize in hermetic magic, some as healers, some as fighters, and most notably, some seem raised to go outside Wyvern Home and act as recruiters and/or shadowrunners. This last group might be to either secure money or connections.


Wyvern is Priority A with (0) points.

  • Body: 6/15
  • AGI:1/6
  • REA:1/6
  • STR: 6/15
  • WIL:1/6
  • LOG:1/5
  • INT:1/6
  • CHA:1/6
  • EDG: 1/6
  • ESS: 6


  • Must be Magically Active.
  • Mystic Armor +3 (this is purchasable by all wyverns)
  • Dual planed
  • Shape-shift
  • Hunted
  • Can’t have cyberware
  • +300% Lifestyle cost (the eat constantly) with a minimum of 8,000 yen per month.
  • Gluttony – must make a willpower threshold of 4 to not eat food offered.

Wyvern form:

  • Flight
  • No fine manipulation
  • Flame Thrower spell (dragon breath).
  • All physical stats are doubled in Wyvern Form.

Superior North American Wyverns first appeared around 2040, born to regular North American Wyverns. They were born in Wyvern form, and although sentient, were confined to that form. However, after hitting puberty (and now thirty years later they can do this in early childhood) Wyverns can shape change into a human form. Unlike dragons, this is not a mana-based form but an actual physical form, much like a werewolf.

Wyverns are inherently magically active. Being dual planed leaves them vulnerable to astral attacks, but it also means they are all magically active. The disadvantage is Wyverns cannot use cyberware, and cannot be deckers (although a recent change has happened that allows Wyverns to be Otaku since it does not require a cyber implant).

A large number of Wyverns come from Wyvern Home. The rest are scattered throughout the world. They are subject to being hunted by telesma smugglers, corporations for research, dragons (for their drake/draco collections) and by other things that lurk the dark.

South Prairie

Operation Name: “South Prairie”

Real Date:  January 10, 2014
Game Date: June 12, 2077
Team Name: The Ghost Daggers
Individual Reports: None 
Completion: 100%

Employer Name: Clarence Smith, elven biotech specialist from Red Dragon Biotechnology
Runners Involved: SpeedBadgerPhelanArtie
Karma Earned:    4 Karma
Nuyen Earned  ¥50,000     

Target: Locate and retrieve Jessica Bruden
Location: South Prairie, small town in Salish territory on Mt. Ranier.
Major Players: 

Objective: Find and confirm that Jessica Bruden, anthropologist/archeologist is safe

Criminal Acts Committed : 

  • None

Unusual follow up notes: The group agreed to hunt two ant-queens.

Review/Recommendation (Seraph): None.


(Important out of game note, the synopsis is only what Seraph is knowledgeable about, there are usually missing details in each run unless the members tell him specifically. Those details may be covered in individual reports).

The group was called in by Seraph in an emergency capacity. An archeologist/anthropologist friend had disappeared on a new dig site on Mt. Ranier. He was worried and he asked the group to verify she was ok, and if not ok to help her in any way necessary. The group agreed to do it for 40k down and they trusted Seraph to make it good if anything untoward happen. They did note tha the town of South Prarie did have a small tourist trade, they had several “traps” including stores that sold “authentic Indian regalia”.

The group decided to pretend to be members of a corporate retreat and use that as a cover. They wanted to come under cover just in case everything was fine and they didn’t want to alert the townsfolk if they didn’t need to. They arrived at South Prarie the next morning. It was extremely warm for the time and they saw no one traveling to the town. They arrived at the town to find many of the buildings closed, even though it was prime tourist time.

After wandering through the town they came across “Vintage Indian”, a store owned by a white human female named Susan. She tried to hawk the group several “authentic native items”. The group discovered while at the store that Jessica had been in and out of town several times from the dig up on the mountain. She had uncovered several beautiful stones that seemed to be a popular item to sell. Jessica had also brought down several pieces of weapons and armor that predate this age of magic. Susan had been in the process of determining the value of these items when the group had arrived.

While at the store, the group met a man named “Mac”. Mac was local born native, but had lived in Seattle most of his adult life. He had returned to South Prarie to start a guide business. The group immediately hired Mac to guide them up to the dig site. It was during this time that Phelan noticed a familarity with the stones. He recognized them immediately as bug spirit stones. They seemed to be eggs of some sort, with a slight background count but no actual spirits in them. They found at this time that Susan had sold three very large eggs (size of an ostrich eggs) to some local tourists. This caused a panic, along with the idea of what might be at the dig site. Once they had looked over the stones, they let Artie eat them, evidently wyvern’s love to eat anything spirit or magic based. During this time Phelan contacted his old unit who was responsible for “bug hunting” for UCAS and arranged if something happened to the Ghost Daggers the military would “cleanse and purge” the area.

During the time of the revelation, Mac had the local diner’s owner come in and open up. They went for breakfast at the diner to discuss how to handle the situation. While at breakfast they found that the diner owner’s granddaughter had disappeared. He asked the group to look for her on the way up to the dig site. They readily agreed, and at that point they decided to go up and find Jessica (it had been about 10 days since she had found the dig site).

The group headed up to the dig site, stopping at Elizabeth’s place (the diner owner’s granddaughter). They found a pickup with its canopy torn off, it had been ripped apart. The group became worried at the fate of Elizabeth. Unable to do anything else however they moved up to the site, there they found the surface of the dig site empty. 

After a quick search they proceeded into the hole. They found that it was an entryway to a “Cairn”, a prior age of magic stronghold built to withstand the last attack from the “enemy”. This Cairn was mostly destroyed with the eruption of Mt. Rainier. However, they found a chamber that housed two true-form army ant spirits guarding a nest of eggs. The combat was quick and brutal, resulting in the destruction of the ants and a few injuries in the group. It was unknown had bad the injuries were due to healing and the confusion of combat.

They debated on how to handle the “contaminated” eggs, resulting in deciding to have Artie’s people take care of it. A dozen wyverns and riders arrived and secured/cleansed the area. Artie joined in and ate her fill. When this was over, the group had discovered over a dozen cars had been hauled into a small field, obviously they were the remnants of tourists and townsfolks. They also determined that the majority of the army ant hive had started moving, with two queens – one was Jessica and the other was Elizabeth.

They decided they would hunt down the two “hives” or groups. They went back to Seraph and reported the entire situation. While this was occuring Artie had begun to cocoon. She held it off long enough for the group to wrap up the mission with Seraph, afterwards the group decided to go with her to Wyvern Home, outside Seattle and just north of Tir Taingire. They watched as she cocooned and enjoyed the hospitality of the wyverns.